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Jim Corbett National Park brings together excitement and voyage. A dense forest fully packed with a wide variety of wildlife species like tigers, spotted deer and wild elephants, it is the most privileged destination of wildlife lovers. Located in the wonderful state of Uttaranchal, there are number of wonderful exotic locations in Jim Corbett national park, if you are looking for a budget tour in Corbett, it is also available there.
If you are looking for facilities like famous Hut lodges, yes there are also in Jim Corbett national park in India available with facilities like eco-tourism. It will not only take you to remote areas of Corbett but also make you understand the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the area DEV BHOOMI.
You may not believe there are some hotels in Corbett National Park located on the northern fringes offer facilities for instance full size swimming pools a part from a toddler’s pool.There are several indoor and outdoor games, a well stocked library and conference facilities.
Hotels in Corbett have a special dinner arrangement, bon-fire and much more activities can make your tour memorable and surely have lots to talk about when you return home. If you have not visited yet this wonderful National park just because of accommodations then you have missed some memorable things in your life.