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The blue Arabian sea, the towering Western Ghats This then is Kerala the most beautiful Indian state Lush green hill stations, lowland paddy fields All are in Kerala between the mountains and the sea Forty four rivers flow so water here for all Exotic plants in abundance beside the waterfalls Enchanting emerald back waters put here for your delight The days are never long enough to view each wonderous site Kerala is called gods own country, the reasons very clear Wildlife abounds, exotic birds and sika deer Here you will live longer than in any other state
Fresh food in abundance and low mortality rate Why don’t you come and visit this paradise on earth And take away the memories that you will always cherish.It just a fantasy the only regret is permanence, The life of a modern day gypsy, an unknown destination.  I wake up to new faces from past day’s bruises, A long journey into some town, exploring the unknown. Green sanctum reflecting the temple top, Woken up by the gong of the ancient metals.
Treated like a royal guest, offered a lot of the harvest,  Walking down the symmetric coconut grooves.
I see vessels carrying newest of the goods, But here they still stick to their roots. True its a gods own country, abundant beauty, I’m lost amidst the hills sipping the Malabar coffee.